You know from previous holiday seasons that there is always a long list of things to get done in order to properly prepare for the holidays. Instead of waiting until the holidays are upon you, try tackling some of the bigger jobs earlier when time isn’t so pressing, and relieve some stress in the process.

Have you completed all of your fall housecleaning chores yet? If your garage is a mess and you have no idea where you buried the Christmas decorations and there’s still fallen leaves everywhere, get busy and get your garage cleaned out and organized and get the yard work completed. If you haven’t already done so, prepare your outdoor plants for holiday stress relieverswinter, drain your hoses and sprinkler systems, and clean your garage completely. It will make the hunt for the holiday decorations a non-issue because you’ll be able to go right to them. It’s also a good idea to take an inventory of their condition, and make a note to replace anything that’s broken. Check your lights at this time, too. While you’re at it, get out your outdoor lights, and hang them up after checking them. When the holiday season rolls around, all you’ll have to do is flick a switch.

Get your indoor deep cleaning done at this time as well. If you know you’ll be having overnight guests stay with you, make sure your guest room is ready for company. If you’re using it to store things in, clear it out. Make sure there’s available dresser drawers and closet space for your guests to put things away if they’ll be with you for an extended period of time. This is also a great time to put away summer clothing and bedding items and get out your heavier clothing and bedding.

And though some might not consider addressing Christmas cards a heavy chore, it can become quite time consuming depending on the length of your list. If you can verify you’ve got correct addresses early on, it’ll make this chore go more smoothly when the time comes. While you are updating mailing addresses, it’s a good time to make sure you’ve got correct phone numbers and e-mailing addresses as well, as both are quick ways to holiday stress relieversinvite people to an impromptu holiday open house or party. You might consider addressing and stamping your envelopes in small groups while watching TV each night. That way they’ll be ready to pop in the mail when the holiday season arrives.

Another chore that can be tackled early on is your holiday baking and cooking. Some baked goods freeze very well when prepared ahead of time, as do quick meals such as chili and spaghetti sauce. Then when the busy holiday season arrives, you’ll have some of your baking out of the way, and when you need a quick meal, you’ll have something that can easily be popped into the microwave or crock pot and can serve a hot meal to your family.

Tackle those big chores now so you can enjoy your holidays fully later!