Just Your Life Coach

Life Is Not About Finding Yourself… Life Is About Creating Yourself

Life Coaching


  • Explore, enhance and expand your life.
  • Set and reach your goals.
  • Start crossing things off your list.
  • Have fun in the process.



  • Purpose & Happiness – determine who you are at your core, what you are meant to do and what makes you truly happy
  • Health – finally get the body you want inside and out and feel amazing
  • Family – develop stronger, lasting, productive and healthy relationships
  • Romance – date more successfully, deepen intimacy, set boundaries and more
  • Finances – set a budget, live within your means and without burden, pay off debt, etc.
  • Career – address performance issues, get promoted, improve skills, find a new job, switch industries, interview better
  • Business – start a business, expand your business, write a marketing plan, sell more
  • Integration & Balance – find tranquility and peace within and among everything in your life



Every client is unique. And certainly, our style and content changes depending on you. In every case, we are committed to creating a safe and trust-filled environment for you to do this work. As we work together, we will determine the new vision for your life and the exact life coaching style that will get you the transformative results you desire. As the client, you set the agenda. We will introduce models, concepts, tools and exercises to advance the discovery and action process at an appropriate pace.

What Life Coaching Is Not:

There is often confusion between coaching, counseling, consulting and mentoring. It is important to understand the distinctions between these four unique approaches. Each approach is highly valuable and worthwhile. While they all may have some common threads each one addresses a different need.

How is life coaching different than counseling or therapy?

Counseling, or therapy, often looks to the past in order to discover, heal and understand. Life coaching, on the other hand, looks to the future in order to make a good life even better. In coaching, the starting point is the client’s desire for personal and professional success. A life coach or legacy coach focuses on forwarding all aspects of the client’s life to extraordinary. Life coaching is not about how you came to be who you are; it’s about getting you from where you are now to a future that you want. Coaching does not intend to work on issues such as addictions, severe depressions, severe anxieties, phobias, destructive or abusive patterns or other such conditions.


How is life coaching different than mentoring??

A mentor often has many more years of experience than the person being supported. In mentoring, the mentor is someone who has walked that road before and therefore has experience and advice on how you should do what you are trying to achieve. Mentoring is akin to role-modeling where the client see attributes, qualities or abilities in the mentor that he/she wishes to learn or emulate. Alternatively, a life coach may or may not have personal experience in a given situation but it doesn’t matter, as the client is naturally creative, whole and resourceful and will know what to do. Coaching is a partnering of two equals that focuses on the unique and intrinsic qualities already within the client that may not be recognized or appreciated. A life coach helps the client affirm and embrace their own true self. A life coach will facilitate the discovery process but won’t actually advise.