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Seek Your True Self

Seek Your True Self And Find Your What Really Motivates You

MoDetox Tea for Weight Lossst probably the hardest thing that a person could achieve is finding out who he really is. It’s not some literal question but rather who are you going to follow and who are you going to become? A lot of people look up to others as their role models, their inspiration, and their mentors. It’s fine to have this these people around you. However, it’s also nice to build your own character rather than growing in the images of others. Try to remember how the famous people in history became who they were remembered. They never had to follow any people before them nor were they forced to become what they are not. Becoming and living your life as who you are is one great thing to look forward to.

Why Is It Important To Seek My True Self?

It’s more like searching for the next puzzle piece. It’s a part of building the big picture that lies ahead of your life. As early as now, take a good look at yourself and ask, “Who am I and what will I become?” and when you find the answer to that, the rest is just following the right path. Understanding your dreams and desires will help you establish a set of goals that will eventually lead to fulfilling that task of become that greater person that you want to be.

Act Your Character: Be Who You Want To Be
The world wouldn’t have been the same if the most influential people who ever existed never had the guts to act out on their own will and carve a name and a brand for themselves. Uplift your spirits not only by merely trying to think of who you are going to be but rather do it for the sake of your dreams and future. Nobody holds your own life but you. The life we live cannot be defined with anyone else nor can they withhold the person you are to be once you act it out. The hardest point in achieving this is the very beginning. The first step is always the hardest but the second and third is relatively easy. Always bear in mind, how you act is who you become. If you decide to act as a winner, you’ll definitely be a winner. If not today, maybe tomorrow, or the day after that. Although it’s yet uncertain but you will definitely get there once you learn to act your character.

How to Find Your Passion with a Hobby

Just about every individual has a hobby or craft that they love to take part in; it’s just a matter of honing in on exactly what that is. Have you ever seen someone who is absolutely in love with his or her hobby and it seems to flow effortlessly to them? Well, don’t think for a minute that no planning, thinking, or trial and error went into that hobby.

If you have been thinking about finding a hobby or creating some new craft, there are a couple of ways to find that passion and make it all seem effortless and fun.

Do What You Love

While this may sound like common sense, doing what you love will almost always equate to success and fulfillment. Success is not just simply defined by how much money you make; it is also defined by doing what you love to do and never tiring of it.

We all have things we want to do on the creative side; however, have you ever noticed that the creative souls are the ones with the most self-sabotaging talk and negativity surrounding their passion? Just look at the old adage about the “starving artist.” However, it does not have to be that way.

Once you discover what you truly love and starting taking active steps toward pursuing that one thing, then the rest will fall into place that much easier.

So start by taking some time to self-explore.

* Examine what you love
* Try different angles and ways to explore what you love
* Try new things
* Be courageous, think outside the box, go where your heart leads

Find Your Passion

Once you have explored your creative side, journal how you feel when doing different types of crafts and hobbies. If you have always wanted to paint, but found it not as interesting as you thought it would be, don’t worry. Keep going until you find that one thing that ignites you over and over again.

If at First You Don’t Succeed

Once you find your passion and do what you love, don’t stop there. Continue on this path even if you meet with failure. Many famous authors and artists met with failure many times over before they found what worked for them.

It is vitally important that you don’t lose sight of your dream and that you don’t let the absence of immediate success daunt you. It is almost impossible to succeed without having failed a couple of times at first.

Before you know it, you will hit the mark as so many others have before you.

Types of Fears and Overcoming Them

Different Types of Fears and Overcoming Them

As much as there are several potential triggers to your fear, there are also as many types of fears. However, they can be categorized into three basic fears: external, internal, or subconscious. Among the three, the subconscious and internal type of fear are most difficult to find treatment to because the person must take the initiative to recognize the source of fear and take necessary steps to overcome it. Recognizing the category in which your fears fit into will help you know how to deal with it.

External Fear

Among the types of fear, this one is the easiest to diagnose and manage. It is similar to phobias wherein an outside source elicit a degree of internal fear or any manageable level of anxiety. For example, fear of spiders or fear of heights are among the most common phobias that several people share. A feeling of fear, anxiety or discomfort is experienced by the person with that particular fear when the situation confronts them with those triggers. Since the source of fear is easier to identify, then one can easily look for alternative ways in which to confront that trigger and overcome fear.

Since external fears are often caused by negative experiences in the past involving those external sources of fears, you can adapt some techniques that will help you understand the reality of the situation. Hypnosis or some other psychological methods are employed in order to erase any previous negative associations with these objects or creatures that elicit fear.

Internal Fear

This type of fear is closely associated with low levels of self esteem or confidence. But like with external fear, the triggers are coming from an outside source and yet it produces a negative emotion. This trigger will then produce internal reactions or fears such as self doubt or questioning one’s capability to do something. Most often, when people begin to question their own abilities, failure is inevitable. This type of fear often impacts one’s ability to interact with the social environment.

If you want to conquer internal types of fear, you often have to go back at your childhood years wherein character development is at its peak. This is the stage in people’s lives wherein they build characters and develop fears. Some people seek professional help that enables them to adapt a new perspective in life and change any behaviors that produce such insecurities and fears.

Subconscious Fear

This type of fear is produced by accepted beliefs in your mind that serve to limit your potentials and worse, could end up in self sabotage. This one is somewhat associated with the internal type of fear wherein you have the tendency to question your capacity to achieve something. Thus, the tendency for self doubt and negative self talk. This one requires you to take active steps towards reversing those beliefs and enable you to maximize your potential.

Goals to Overcome Your Fears

One of the many reasons why people neglect the need to overcome their fears is the lack of motivation. Therefore, setting goals will help increase the desire to manage and overcome your fears. Aside from that, this will enable you to take careful methods toward your goal and provide a sense of direction. One benefit you can get from it is that aside from getting rid of your fears, it offers more focused direction in your everyday living as opposed to not having a clear idea of what you want to do in life.

Setting goals as motivation to overcoming your fears will also enable you to have a bigger grasp at the need to fight your fears as an opportunity to grow and delimit yourself.

Build Confidence

Build Confidence in Interpersonal Relationships – Top Tips
For some people, self-confidence with regard to personal relationships is challenging. You may find that you have confidence in many other areas of your life – your business, talents, and so forth – but lack the confidence to have successful personal relationships. For some, this is due to past experiences – once bitten, twice shy, so to speak. For others, it just seems to be how they’re wired; they just can’t be the social butterfly they wish they could be.

If any of this describes you, read on for some tips and suggestions that may help.

Recognize You’re Not Alone

Pretending like you don’t have trouble with confidence is not going to help. You’d be surprised at how many people who seem naturally born confident actually took time and effort to learn the art of self-confidence in their relationships. If there weren’t a growing number of people in need of self-confidence, there wouldn’t be a growing field of confidence coaches and life coaches to help!

Consider Coaching

You might consider becoming a client of a confidence or life coach. These coaches specialize in helping people realize their potential, both professionally and personally. There’s no shame in seeking advice, whether from a friend or a professional.

Your Contribution

If you feel insecure when you think of your interpersonal relationships (or when you think of starting one), it might help to remember that you have something of value to contribute to that relationship. Lack of confidence may stem from a sense that relationships are only about you pleasing the other person, or getting him or her to like you. However, it’s important to realize that you have something to contribute to the relationship which will benefit the other person – you!

Flaws Happen

Remember that both you and the person with whom you are in a relationship have flaws. Everyone does. People who lack confidence in relationships tend to walk on eggshells, afraid they will say or do something to cause the other person to turn against them. But truthfully, someone who really likes or loves you is not going to ditch you just because you said one off-color thing or made one mistake. And if they do, you didn’t need them to begin with!

Silence the Negative Inner Voice

First, you have to recognize it – listen for a few days to your inner voice. What’s it saying? Do you hear, “You’re not good enough,” “No one would ever put up with you,” or “I just can’t go over and talk to him/her?” Once you begin to hear these thoughts, it’s time to take action and change them. Often, such negative self-talk is a habit and you don’t even realize you’re doing it. You have to forge new habits of positive self-talk instead. Remember that you have something to contribute to a relationship and the right person will be glad to have you as an addition to his or her life!

Steps to Confidence

Building confidence is a necessary exercise for many of us. If self-confidence does not come naturally, building it up takes deliberate, conscious effort. While no step-by-step program is perfect, following are some steps that may help you build up your sense of confidence.


Write them down. Make a list of your goals, long and short term, and then below each goal write the steps it will take to get there.

Whether it’s relationships, business ventures, or self-improvement, writing your goals and their necessary steps can make those goals much less formidable and much more doable. That alone helps you feel more confident in moving forward.

Stop Comparing

While it’s good to have aspirations toward self-improvement, constantly comparing yourself to the best of the best in your realm can get discouraging. For example, if you’d like to have a talk radio show or Podcast, you might be inspired by high-profile radio hosts; being inspired by them is fine, but beating yourself up because you are not exactly like they are – complete with millions of listeners – will only discourage you.

Build a Positive Self-Image

It seems that when you are just certain you are going to fail before you try something, you are more likely to fail when you do try it. If you have a negative self-image and think you just can’t achieve anything, it’s likely that you won’t – thus underscoring this false impression about yourself. Stop listening to the negative inner voice and instead tell yourself that you can achieve your goals and, even if you fail, it’s not because you are a bad person or because you didn’t try.

Get to Know Yourself

This means spending some quiet time thinking or writing in a journal – some quiet time by yourself in which you assess your strengths, weaknesses, and personality. What are your character traits? What quirks and talents do you have? Pretend like you are being interviewed and that the interviewer is trying to get to know you. What questions would they ask?

Turn off the Media

For a while, it might be good to turn off the TV and put down the magazines. The perfect-people images found in the media can be discouraging for those who are struggling with self-confidence.


Mindsets that Lead to Low Self-Confidence and How to Change Them
If you suffer from low self-confidence, you might be stuck in some negative mindsets that are affecting the way you think about yourself and, ultimately, your self-esteem. Negative mindsets tend to have a lot of “always” or “never” talk, creating a sense of entrapment and hopelessness. Here are some examples of negative mindsets that can lead to low confidence.

“I will never get it right.”

Thinking this way can keep you from trying again, or even trying something for the first time. It makes it only too easy to give up.

“Nobody understands what this is like.”

When you lack self-confidence, a lot of times you assume that everyone else has it together and you’re the odd man or woman out. You may feel isolated, and feel as if others have their lives together while you are still floundering.

“I am totally useless.”

When you lack confidence, you may feel like you don’t have anything of value to contribute, whether it’s to your workplace, relationships, or something else.

“I am a complete failure.”

No one fails at every single thing; but to a person with low self-confidence, it can sure seem that way. You may feel like everything you’ve ever tried has failed, even if this is not true.

“I could never do that.”

Do you see someone with a successful lifestyle you wish you had? If you lack self-confidence, you may have the above reaction. Instead of being inspired and wanting to create that lifestyle for yourself, you look at that person and get depressed, thinking you could never have what they have.

How Can These Mindsets Be Overcome?

In order to overcome these destructive mindsets that lead to low confidence, it’s necessary to reprogram your thought processes. You will need to pay attention to your negative self-talk and immediately change it to something positive.

For example, instead of “I will never get it right,” you could stop that thought in its tracks and think instead, “I have trouble with this, but if I keep trying and seek out the right help, I know I can succeed.” Rather than, “I could never do that,” think, “I would love to do that! There’s no reason why I can’t have that lifestyle if I work at it.”

You may need therapy and/or counseling to overcome these mindsets. But like everything else in life, you can do it if you set realistic goals and have confidence in yourself!

You May Need A Life Coach And Not Even Realize It!

It won’t be easy for some baby boomers and others in the future to switch gears as they are approaching retirement now or later. Most have not even thought about it yet. For those that are retired and those that are thinking about it.  I want to partner with you as your life coach.
The second stage of life may require coaching for most folks to help reinvent themselves and help them find their new identity in this new level of living.
My playbook will provide resources and strategies for you based on your desired goals to help manage and obtain those goals this new journey by focusing on your relationships, hobbies, financial, careers and personal wellness.
Together we can discover and implement these new ideas and strategies for a more fulfilling life for yourself your loved ones.
Remember you are the expert about you, and I am the expert about the process for transforming your life together.

Top Three Ways to Save Money This Winter

Natural Joint Mobility Balm
Whether you are saving up for a fun trip when the warmer seasons return, planning for a home renovation project, or just want to save a few bucks, winter offers many opportunities for saving money. In fact, with just three simple tips, you can put more money back into your pocket.

1. Stay Healthy

Getting sick costs money that most people aren’t prepared to spend, and if you’re careful you won’t have to. Between doctor visit co-pays, medications, and time off from work, catching a cold is uncomfortable in more ways than one. You can save money by taking extra good care of yourself and staying healthy.

Bundle Up

Keep warm and dry this winter by protecting yourself against the elements. You won’t avoid germs and viruses with a coat, but you can keep your body and immune system strong so you can fight off potential illnesses.

Wash Your Hands

To help yourself stay germ-free and avoid illness, wash your hands often. The simple act of washing your hands, Dr. Williamsespecially before you eat, after you use the restroom, and after coming in contact with multiple people, will help keep you healthy.

Immune Boosts

Never underestimate the power of eating healthy and getting some exercise every day. Simply living healthy boosts your immune system to prevent illnesses. If you are worried your diet isn’t healthy enough, or for just a little extra support, supplement with immune-boosting vitamins and herbs.


2. Have Fun without Overspending

Recreation is another money drainer, but there is plenty to do during the winter that costs very little or nothing.

Inside Fun

When it comes to family time, you can’t go wrong with movie rentals and board games. Not only are you spending more time together, but it costs very little.

Outside Fun

Take advantage of the snowy weather when you can. Bundle up and head outdoors for some good old-fashioned fun like sledding and snowball fights. Time will fly, you will all be laughing, and when it’s time to come in you can warm up with a hot cup of delicious cocoa.

Lillian Vernon

3. Go Green and Save Energy

Winter is a prime time to consider how much money you could save on energy costs.

Window Treatments

To save money on heating, as well as to keep your home toasty warm, pay some attention to your windows. Invest a few dollars in simple insulation films, and hang curtains to keep the warmth in and the cold out.


Insulate not only your windows, but also around air vents and especially around your attic space. A huge percentage of energy loss occurs through your attic and roof.

Watch That Thermostat

Keeping your thermostat just a couple degrees cooler in the winter can save you a bunch of money on heating costs. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat will help you keep an eye on keeping a comfortable temperature in your home without having to adjust it.

With these three basic tips, you can save money this winter. You can put the extra cash towards a little extra holiday fun, or build up your savings for when you really need it.

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Race to Black Friday

Senior Citizen Scams

Race to Black Friday

If you have a senior citizen in the family, there really is nothing more heartbreaking than to discover than to find out that your loved one has been the victim of a senior citizen scam which robbed them out of their precious retirement savings and puts their retirement at risk. When you come to the realization that this wholesale robbery has occurred, you don’t know who to be angry at. It’s easy to want to be angry at your parent or grandparent but its they who are the victim here. They need your love and help more than ever now, not guilt and anger.

But its you who feels victimized as much as your loved one. By robbing your parent or grandparent of theirMedical Supply Depot. Your Comfort. Delivered. savings, they could become a liability to the family which will be costly to you and your siblings. You are not going to let your own flesh and blood go hungry or go with out medical care or a good place to live.

These are good motivations to know what can be done about senior citizen scams so you can have a plan of attack. Now, once the scam has been executed, there may be some resources to track down the crooks and recover the lost funds. Scams come in all shapes and sizes. They may come in the form of an internet scam that steals thousands from your parent or grandparents credit cards. They may come from home repair scams that cost them big bucks and deliver nothing. They may be “get rich quick” schemes that targeted your loved ones because they were concerned about retirement savings.

If you can locate who scammed your loved one, be relentless in pursuit of them. Don’t be afraid to enlist the aid of local media. Local television news teams often have groups trained to go out and target these scam artists and expose them to public scrutiny and distain. Scam artists are like cockroaches. They don’t like attention and they don’t want to be noticed. If you can get your scam artist under that kind of microscope, they will often crack and return the stolen funds rather than face further attention.

But there is a limit to what you can do legally and it’s not a good idea to go after them personally. Not only do you not need to commit a crime yourself but these people are criminals so they may not be the kind of people you want to tangle with. So be smart but if the funds cannot be recovered, just get control over the situation, stop payment on any checks and cut off the funds quickly to stem the hemorrhaging of funds from your senior citizen loved one’s accounts.

The real defense against senior citizen scams is prevention. Even if it is just this article that raised the red flag for you, senior citizen scamsstart now finding out how your retired parents or grandparents are using their funds. One way to do this is to offer taking over the management of their money. They may love to see you handle paying their bills and worrying about their taxes so they can relax and enjoy their retirement. Then you can be sure that any money that goes out through those accounts goes to proper and worthwhile uses.

But talk to your senior citizen to inform them of the dangers of scams. Many times people of the previous generation are too trusting and easily convinced of the validity of a scam. They need to have that high level of distrust so they become virtually scam proof. One rule you may put in place might be that they have to review any investment or new expenditure with you so by talking about it, proper questions can be asked. Convince your senior citizen that anything that cannot stand up under scrutiny is probably a scam. Make sure you emphasize to them that any offer that must be done now or could be lost if you require documentation is not a worthwhile business no matter how enticing their offer is.

By instilling a measure of caution and skepticism in your senior citizen and by becoming a watchdog of their resources yourself, perhaps you can spare your senior parent or grandparent from the heart ache of a senior citizen scam and deny access of crooks to the ones you love.

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Fun Is Different Now

Udemy Generic 160x600Even as senior citizens, you can probably remember being a child when the most important thing in the world was having fun. Well there are some remarkable similarities between your life as a senior citizen and those carefree days of childhood. For one thing, when you were a child, you didn’t work for a living, you felt secure that you had what you need. Hopefully in your senior years, you too are able to retire with the knowledge that you did a good job preparing for retirement so you have some carefree days to enjoy now too.

Another similarity that your kids may have pointed out to you is that, like it was when you were a child, you occasionally do things that are not allowed to do. But now it seems to be our kids telling us what is ok for us to do or not do. But every so often, you have to throw caution to the wind and go ahead and party late into the night, go parasailing or go to a punk concert. And even though it isn’t good for you and you will probably get a lecture for it in the morning, you had a great time taking the chance.

But fun is different now that you are a senior citizen than it was when you was a child. Now there is nothing better perhaps than spending a day trying to improve your golf game. A long rainy afternoon with a good book is just the thing for a senior citizen and it will be a day of fun you will remember for a long time because this is what it means to be retired. Some other ways to have fun as a senior citizen that are notably different from childhood or even when you was a working adult might include…

  • A day sorting yarn for a big knitting project or laying out the fabric to make artistic quilts to sell for a charitable cause can also be a day of girl talk, giggling and gossip that seems almost like the sleepover scene from Grease as much as it is a gathering of mature women enjoying the afternoon together.
  • Getting together with the boys and going out to help build a shed at your son’s farm gives you the chance to play with tools, mess around with building materials and remember what great fun it is to just build something.
    A bus tour to Branson or some other exciting nearby attraction takes on a whole new sense of adventure when it’s big day when they change the lunch menu at the cafeteria downstairs.
  • Going to a high school football game used to seem like a nuisance when you had to attend to watch your boy play third string center or your daughter cheer and hope she doesn’t break her collarbone. But now when you get to go, even if you don’t know a soul on either team, being in that exciting setting is the kind of good clean fun you look forward to for weeks and think back on for months.

Just as the fun is different now as senior citizens, so are the toys. Now, enjoying an afternoon stuffing envelopes for the church is as much a fun as a game of playing checkers as long as you can do it with your friends and yak and share stores as you work. Now, going to a military base to look at their archives is more than just mildly interesting. It’s a trip through your own past and if you can enjoy that with others who fought for their country as you did, each of those guns and pieces of equipment in those display cases bring with them treasured memories that will have you and your senior friends swapping war stories for days after.

Yes we have fun differently now than the young people do. But anyone who thinks for a minute that senior citizens never have fun are as far off from the truth as they can be. Because you have laid down the cares of career and raising children, you can really relax and let the fun of each day sneak up on you. By putting yourself in the mindset, that life is still a great adventure, just about anything you do can become a source of joy and fun. But even though fun is different now, life is still worth living because it is tremendously fun.

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Race to Black Friday

Take Some Risks

Race to Black Friday
There is a classic image of a senior citizen driving with their turn signals continuously on and poking along 20 miles under the speed limit on the highway. A popular comedian once quipped that if he was 80 years old, he would “drive like hell” since, after all, why not take some risks at 80?

It’s true that as we move into our senior years, we do become a bit cautious in how we conduct our affairs. Now, if you have health difficulties that a fall or a serious illness could prove life threatening, those precautions are called for. In defiance of that comedian’s remarks, our lives are precious and just because we are closer to the final years of our lives doesn’t mean we want to see our lives end too soon and miss Rockler.comout of a minute of this time on earth and time with our children and grandchildren.

But one aspect of that joke has some food for thought as we think about our lifestyle as senior citizens. There may be some good reasons to get out there and take some risks in life and to enjoy the thrill that a little danger can bring. Recently the elder President George Bush went skydiving even though he was well into his senior years. His life of achievement showed that President Bush was not afraid of a challenge. And by getting out there and doing something fun and that may have been a dream of his, he showed that our senior years are not all about rocking chairs and naps. It’s also a time to live out our dreams.

Some risks, like skydiving, can be done with the guidance of skilled professionals to help reduce the actual dangers. But the illustration of what President Bush did emphasizes one rational for to “go for it” and take some risks in our retirement years. For one thing, it’s a tremendous inspiration to younger people when they see their elders exhibiting courage and a willingness to get out of their comfort zone. Many times your own children may be the ones who need that kind of inspiration that they too should live life courageously and not let fear stop them from enjoying every moment.

Another great reason to take a risk is that it may be a great way to bond with family. Not long ago, I had the chance to go white water rafting with my grandson. Now I am not an adventurer and not in physical shape to do anything athletic. But this was a moment where I could establish a bond with my grandson by going into a great adventure with him and coming out of it with great stories. Because I am writing this article for you shows that I made it. There were a few heart stopping moments but I wouldn’t trade those moments with him for the world. You too may be presented with a chance to make a memory with a loved one by taking a risk. And it’s worth going for it, in a reasonable fashion, to capture that memory and build that bond as well.

Some risks you might take don’t involve physical danger. Maybe you need to finally take the plunge and get up at the local open mic night and deliver that stand up comedy routine you have been polishing up with the family. They say there is nothing more terrifying as facing a crowd and trying to make them laugh. But when you hear their laughter and their applause, that will be a dream come true for the amateur comic in you.

So consider taking a few risks as you plan your activities in your busy retirement schedule. The rush of adrenaline will put some spring in your step and give your heart rate a workout. But it will also add some fun and adventure to your life. And that is something we all can use.

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